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Because YOU matter....

As well as a Reflexologist, I am also a qualified and certified life coach in Northamptonshire and a member of the Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists professional body. 

I specialise in supporting women and/or mothers, who are looking to take back control of their lives after a difficult period. If you're feeling life isn't going the way you had hoped, I can support you in becoming more focused and driven to achieve what you want, in order to feel a sense of fulfilment and purpose. It's about finding that 'inner you' that's determined to come out! My approach takes a more holistic view, that the mind, body and spirit need to be harmoniously balanced and aligned in order to reach your full potential. I can work with you to achieve this in a way that is unique only to you. 

For a FREE 30 minute consultation on how I can support your individual needs, please get in touch.

Life Coaching: Mission
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