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Tiny Toes Reflexage
Baby Toes


A combination of baby massage and baby reflexology techniques using the Tiny Toes Reflexage Method 

"We loved the course so much. It's honestly been the highlight of my week"

"Shona is a really nice, passionate and lovely teacher"

"My little one absolutely adores the routines...they have helped no end with both her reflux and now teething. Would 100% recommend"

Who are we?

At Little Piggies you will learn both reflexology and baby massage in a fun but informative workshop. These techniques will enable you to support your baby's natural development, as well as help them with issues with sleep, digestion, teething and colds. 

What is baby reflexology?

Baby reflexology has all the benefits of reflexology, but for your little one. It helps with calming and settling your baby, whilst giving you both a chance to bond and experience the powerful connection of touch. In the workshops you will learn techniques to support your baby with a range of issues, including colic, reflux, constipation... to name but a few. However, you will also learn important massage routines to help with their physical development, building strength and stretching out certain parts of their body.  All of this has long term benefits for your baby. 

Why Little Piggies?

You will be taught by a professional and fully qualified reflexologist, who has been trained in the Tiny Toes Reflexage techniques. Group sizes are also kept purposefully small (no more than 6 babies) to ensure you get quality bonding time with your baby. More importantly, I'm a mother myself to three boys, so I know what a wonderful time it is when you have a baby, but also it can be very challenging. This is why I find the time to talk at the end really important and  everyone can have a good chat and a cuppa. 

Where, when and how much?

Private workshops can take place at either my house (no more than 4 babies) or your premises (no more than 6 babies). Workshops can either take place on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon or Saturday morning. Price is dependent on how many babies per group. Please contact me directly to book.

For general workshops, please go to the booking page for more up-to-date information about the latest workshops.

If you require your child to have 1:1 treatment by a professional Reflexologist please book onto the Little Piggies clinic via the booking page. 

Baby Reflexology : Welcome
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