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Holding Tummy


Supporting you through your pregnancy journey

I am fully trained and a specialist in maternity reflexology / pregnancy reflexology, approved by the Association of Reflexologists. It's an area that I'm very passionate about. I am lucky enough to have three children myself, so I know the joys but also the downsides of pregnancy. Reflexology certainly made a difference throughout my pregnancy, just as it has for many of my clients. 

Maternity reflexology can support you from the first trimester all the way through to the birth of your baby and beyond. It has many benefits; such as easing pregnancy anxiety, improving your mood, well-being and sleep, releasing tension, and for complete relaxation. It could also ease morning sickness, pregnancy heartburn, constipation and pelvic girdle pain. 

Regular reflexology can help prepare your body for labour. Plus, your birthing partner can even learn some useful techniques to use during your labour to keep you calm and assist with pain relief during birth.

I'm also fully trained in baby reflexology, so our journey doesn't have to stop once baby is born, I can also support you and your little one in the following months. Please see my Little Piggies parent and baby course page for more information.  

Maternity Reflexology: Service
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