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What is Hypnobirthing? - A blog from The Birth Base Ltd

So you’ve discovered the many benefits of maternity reflexology, but have you heard of hypnobirthing? Hypnobirthing is a full antenatal course that will compliment your reflexology treatments beautifully.

Hello! I’m Kristina, owner of The Birth Base Ltd, and I’m here to explain exactly what Hypnobirthing really is.

Based on science and the physiology of birth, my Hypnobirthing teaches you everything you need to know and how to have a positive birth experience. It helps you prepare emotionally and physically for the birth of your baby, and focuses on changing your mindset about birth – so moving away from fear and focusing on how you achieve a positive birth, whatever that might look like for you.

On The Birth Base Ltd hypnobirthing course you learn the biology behind birth (the science & the birthing process), your birth rights (so you can make informed decisions that are right for your family), all of your options (such as your environment, birthing positions, how to navigate the NHS maternity system), learn how to create a birth plan and how to prepare for all scenarios (including induction & caesarean birth).

Hypnobirthing also teaches you how to relax, in the 21st century we’re typically not very good at relaxing and switching off, so with practice, hypnobirthing teaches you very simply how to switch off on cue, and use this to your advantage in pregnancy and birth. It really is a game changer and can be used throughout life, it’s particularly useful in the fourth trimester (which I also cover in my final session!). You’ll learn how to apply to the power of positive thinking, positive visualisations and utilise breathing techniques to keep you focused, calm and in control. It also prepares your birth partner how to advocate and confidently support you with your birth. This is key because your birth partner has a big role to play & can make a massive difference to your birthing experience.

There is also a HUGE focus on your birth hormones!

You may have heard of Oxytocin? Just to give you a little insight, let’s focus briefly on this super powerful hormone.

Oxytocin - the hormone of love, healing and health - it’s a major player in birthing our babies and we need to produce lots of it so that the birth process can unfold smoothly (it also makes us feel really good!).

You’ll produce lots of oxytocin during your reflexology appointments which is fantastic, and there are lots of other things you can be doing to increase this hormone - eating your favourite food, watching our fave tv shows, petting our dogs or cats, kissing & cuddling!

Did you know we need to produce Oxytocin for our contractions to start and increase? So it’s a great idea to focus on doing lots of the things you love when you approach your due date!

If Hypnobirthing sounds like it could benefit you, come and join my classes face to face in Overstone, Northampton or Online. You can check out what The Birth Base Ltd hypnobirthing courses and community is all about here, and even sign up for a free taster. I also offer private sessions, anything from a ‘power hour’ to a full course, perfectly tailored for you.

As a client of Red Reflexology, you can claim £20 off your group course booking by quoting RED20!

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